royal energy of tennessee llc 

Buying or Selling existing oil and gas interests can be both difficult and confusing At Royal Energy of Tennessee LLC, we're here to help you.

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40 years of experience and know how


Royal Energy of Tennessee LLC specializes in buying and selling existing mineral rights, mineral leases or working interest in producing oil and gas wells and properties.  Our 40 years plus of experience gives us the knowledge and expertise to work with properties all over the United States.  

Let us discuss with you options for selling or purchasing properties and wells in the new "oil and gas boom".  

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No business is an island – we know that better than anyone. We're always looking for complementary services to offer our clients.



If you have existing mineral leases, mineral rights, or working interest, we would like to talk to you.  



We work with you to show you how to make thousands of dollars in monthly revenues from existing oil and gas wells.  


royalties on existing production from oil and gas wells can be a great addition to your portfolio, showing a handsome rate of return and providing monthly income for years to come